Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation & Performance

Pure Elégance offers the highest standard of assessment, diagnosis, rehabilitation and care to all populations ranging from the general public to the elite-level athlete suffering from any musculoskeletal or neuromuscular condition/injury. We aim to deliver safe and effective practice with the best possible service to improve recovery and overall daily ability. Whether an injury or condition is preventing you from performing the basic daily activities, work related or participating in physical activity, we are on hand to help.

Our specialist team have experience within many organisations and environments including: National Health Service (NHS), private practices and professional sports teams. By utilizing the knowledge of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics we are able to identify what the problems arise from and how to begin efficient recovery with long-term maintenance. We aim to work together to reach the best possible treatment and rehabilitation is provided enabling you to recover quickly and efficiently.

The first appointment will consist of a consultation involving history taking and subjective questioning. The physical assessment and diagnosis is then taken place within the same session to identify the best treatment or rehabilitation programme to provide considering your condition/injury. Goals and targets will also be set to ensure a progressive rehabilitation programme and consistent monitoring. Please ensure that appropriate clothing is worn when attending each session (Sports Bra, Shorts, Short Sleeve Shirts).

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Areas of Expertise

Manual Therapy

Exercise Rehabilitation

Medical Acupuncture

Sports Massage

Kinesiology / Fascial Movement Taping

Neurological Mobilization

Movement & Motion Control Analysis

Personal Training